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Our aim is to  help people in our care to live as well as possible with any illness or disability they may have, ensuring their choice, dignity, privacy, respect , safety and inclusion

About us....


Our mission is to offer an excellent standard of care, quality services that emphasises personalisation in providing care and support services. Enabling people in our care to make choices, achieve their goals, take control, live comfortably and independently.Apollo Care & Support are committed to the following set of values:


We aim to offer an efficient and effective standard of service, delivering quality services consistently.


Ensuring people receive the right kind of care and support to help them achieve their goals.


Care and support services provided through relationships based on clear communication, empathy, respect, dignity, courtesy and kindness.


We commit to providing the right care and support, act with honesty and trust


We are committed to investing in our staff by recognising talent and nurturing career development potential and realising that providing adequate training, promoting team work and partnership working will lead to growth of a successful team.


Acknowledging, respecting and valuing diversity of our customers and staff. Ensuring fair and equal access to services for all customers.

What we do

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